Powercom RAPTOR 800VA Line Interactive UPS (new AP model)

Powercom RAPTOR 800VA Line Interactive UPS (new AP model)


RAPTOR is a Line Interactive Step-Wave UPS that protects your devices from many dangerous interferences on the mains. The new 800AP model features RJ45 ports with Surge Suppression, as well as a USB port to interface with a computer. Monitoring software (UPSMon) is included. The AVR device that it includes, shields you from a number of disturbances and reduces to a minimum the use of the batteries. This creates a double benefit: maximum autonomy always available and a longer battery life.


Product Features:

  • Built-in automatic voltage regulator (AVR)
  • Simulated sine wave output waveforms
  • Advanced green mode for energy saving and user friendly settings
  • Automatic self-diagnostic and alarm warnings
  • Surge, short circuit, and overload protections
  • Discharge and overcharge protection


Please Note: The Raptor UPS Series has an automatic shutdown function after 1 hour of battery operation (if AC/Mains power is off).  This is a safety feature to avoid over discharge of the batteries and prevent permanent damage to the batteries. It is recommended to install the included UPSMON software to monitor the battery capacity; if the batteries still have sufficient charge & capacity left after the hour runtime, the Power button can simply be pressed again to switch the UPS on and enable another hour of uptime.


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